National Christian Taskforce Plans 3-Day Nation-Wide Fast & Prayer

first_imgIn support of the fight against the deadly Ebola virus by the religious people across the country, the National Christian Taskforce has planned a three day nation wide fast and prayer aimed at praying for the eradication of the epidemic and presenting the nation to God.“We have obediently and prayerfully set Thursday January 29 to Saturday January 31 2015 for the next united three days nation wide fast and prayer, to come to God as one people, to thank, worship and glorify Jesus all across Liberia,” the acting chairperson of the National Christian Taskforce, David Benitoe told news reporters.Making the disclosure over the weekend at the Bethel Cathedral Church in Oldest Congo Town, Benitoe, said the primary purpose of the fast and prayer is to spiritually deal with spill-over issues of prior years and set the course of a new year for the nation.“This is a nation wide fast and prayer, which means that believers in all the various counties will simultaneously fast and pray on the three days to God to restore normality to the nation and also eradicate this deadly virus from Liberia.”“We pray that no vaccine that has not been proven safe for humans by the appropriate international regulatory bodies must be tested on Ebola free Liberians,” he warned.He continued, “We must all come together in one place, in each city or town in one accord and in humility to publicly exalt and glorify Jesus all across the land on January 31, the final and third day of the fast and prayer.” Mr. Benitoe further disclosed that “God has warned that if we do not remain steadfast and consistent this time in prayer as a nation and people, we will see more difficult times then we have seen in recent past.”He stressed that the evil ones are determined to trouble Liberia, but God is more determined to fight for Liberia if we, His people cooperate with Him, adding that, “We do not want to scare anyone, but as watchmen over the nation, the church must blow the trumpet to keep all awake and alert.”“This time, we will strive to be more spiritually proactive than reactive as a church and people of God in our nation. We will not just look for solutions to problems, we should and will prevent problems as God directs.”According to him, the focus point for the fast and prayer will be for us to repent, worship and thank God as well as asking for God’s perfect will to be done in Liberia.“Only what God approves should happen in Liberia after this fast and prayer. Let God destroy every godless plan and permit only his plan for Liberia should stand,” he asserted.Mr. Benitoe further stressed that the nation was vulnerable at this time and holding together as people and nation in prayer for a breakthrough would help us also for medical solutions to Ebola. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Couple, Others Wins FiBank “Save & Win” Campaign

first_imgThe deputy security director for Administration at the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Monrovia office, James S. Jallah, and wife, Hannah Jallah, with other customers won a “Save & Win” promotion campaign from the First International Bank (FIBank) in Monrovia over the weekend.“I haven’t participated in any raffle draw before or to have won a prize from somewhere, but this Fibank “Save & Win” Promotion has changed my experience when it comes to banking in Liberia.” These were the words of Mr. Jallah when he was presented a symbolic round trip ticket to the United States of America by the FIBank Management.Mr. and Mrs. Jallah clinched to the prize on Friday, February 13, 2015; following more than six months of deadlock after the presentation ceremony was marred by the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country.The couple and 14 others were on July 30, 2014, announced winners of the two-month promotion, which ran between June and July last year.There were 11 other winners of mobile phones and one each of a 32-inch LED television, 2.2KVA generator and a refrigerator.Mr. Jallah on behalf of the couple received the ticket before an audience of other winners, who received their prizes. The winners were accompanied by relatives and well-wishers inside the headquarters of the FI Bank on Broad Street in Monrovia.Mr. Jallah said he and his wife were happy to emerge as winners of the grand prize of the lottery and pledged the couple’s lifetime banking with FI Bank. Earlier in her mark, Monrovia City Mayor, Clara Doe Mvogo, said it was a good thing that FI Bank had found as a way to give back to its customers.“It is not every bank that wants to give back to our customers such valuable prizes,” she told the FIB management during the presentation ceremony.Also speaking, the deputy managing director of bank, Rhonda Von Ballmoos, said the bank was grateful that it had encouraged people to save with them.“I know that saving at the bank is good for all of us. We want to thank you for participating in our “Save and Win” promotion. We know that saving is very important for us. It is not everybody that can do it, but if you can, it is a good thing to do,” she emphasized.FI Bank recorded a 30 percent increment in their customer database as the result of the “Save & Win” promotion.Entry into the lottery was simple: customers were encouraged to keep a balance of US$500 and then US$100 or their respective Liberian Dollar equivalents.The winners were the luckiest of all 7,191 customers qualified to participate in the draw on Friday. The round trip ticket was provided by L’Aphie Travels and Tours, and one of the pairs could be traveling in two months from now to the United States of America.Charles Wiah of Sinoe County won the giant-sized refrigerator provided by Haddid Electronics, while Edward Kanneh secured the LED 32-inch Samsung television also provided by Haddid Electronics. Davida Bestman and Currina Toe finalized the last of the four grand prizes, when they won the 2.2 KVA generator that was provided by PowerTech.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

TRC Report Should Be Implemented

first_imgIn the wake of the ongoing drawdown of peacekeepers of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) from the country the Vice Chairperson of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) has emphasized the need to implement the Report submitted to the government by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). At a phase two clarification of the INCHR’s mandate in relation to the TRC Recommendations, held at the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Monrovia, Mr. Boakai A. Dukuly said if the peace is to be maintained in the absence of UNMIL, the TRC Report must not be ignored by the government and its partners. The TRC Report should be implemented, he emphasized. It is the responsibility of everyone to keep the peace in the wake of the UNMIL drawdown.Mr. Dukuly called on civil society organizations, representatives of political parties and other human rights institutions to remain focused as they go about preaching the necessary messages that would maintain the peace.He also provided an overview of the history, core mandate and functions of the INCHR, including the Palava Hut Project. He then called on the CSOs to play their role to ensure that human rights are upheld across the country when UNMIL has departed.“The rural women are also part of the process of keeping the peace. We are mandated to working with CSOs that are involved with human rights advocacy, the economy and other aspects of national life,” Mr. Boakai added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Amb. von Ballmoos Laid to Rest

first_imgThe mortal remains of Amb. Rudolf P. von Ballmoos was on Saturday, January 9, buried at the Kaiser Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Brewerville, outside Monrovia. He was Liberia’s Ambassador to the Court of Saint James in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. He also had concurrent accreditations to the Vatican and the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of Malta.Before the remains of Amb. von Ballmoos, who was the eldest of six von Ballmoos sons, was taken to the cemetery, a national funeral service was held at the First United Methodist Church on Ashmum Street, in the heart of Monrovia.Preaching the funeral discourse on passages from the books of Matthew and Hebrews, Rev. Dr. Erlene P. Thompson, read: “It’s appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgment.”Rev. Thompson told the audience that though the day was a difficult one for every Liberian gathered in the church, they should nonetheless accept it as “the will of God.”Speaking on the theme, “When the Clock Strikes,” the Right Rev. Thompson admonished the congregation that when it strikes, positions are lost. When the clock strikes, we have got to answer the call of death. When the clock strikes, there is no second chance. When the clock strikes, there is no work to be done.”She continued, “When the clock strikes, our hands can no longer move. When the clock strikes, our voice can no longer be heard. When the clock strikes, our position is given to another person.”According to Rev. Thompson, the death of another person should remind those alive that their days are drawing closer, too. However, what matters, according to the Methodist preacher, is dying in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is giver of life and who has assured His followers that they are sure to live again.“We must prepare ourselves for Jesus’ coming. Like in Matthew 25:10, He is the bridegroom and could come at anytime without any of us knowing when.”Following the sermon, Acting Chief of Protocol, Mr. Charles H. V. Allen, read the Liberian official gazette in which the Liberian government described its fallen diplomat as an administrator, a patriot, career diplomat, statesman, devout Christian, dedicated and distinguished public servant. Paying the official tribute for the Liberian government, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Elias Shoniyin stated, “The joy of our heart is ceased; our dance is turned into mourning,” a verse from the book of Lamentations 5:15. Min. Shoniyin said that passage of scripture describes the government’s feeling since the passing of Amb. von Ballmoos. He stated that news of his passing was a shock to the government because of the monumental loss of his demise. “The late Amb. von Ballmoos was one of Liberia’s astute diplomats, who served his country with outmost dedication, commitment and loyalty. He was one of the outstanding new breed of Liberian diplomats, trained in the art and practice of economic diplomacy,” Min. Shoniyin stated. According to Min. Shoniyin, Amb. von Ballmoos’ performance in the nation’s economic diplomacy was “exceptional, bringing great economic dividends to Liberia and its people.”The Frist United Methodist Church, the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus, the Nebo, Lavala and Von Ballmoos families, also paid tributes. In her tribute to her father, Ms. Nicole Tinisi von Ballmoos, the only child of the late Ambassador, bade him farewell. She broke down in tears many times during her tribute. The late Ambassador began his public service career as a cadet in the Department of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from October 1979 to December 1982. In July 1986, he began his Foreign Service career under the tutelage of Ambassador Willie Givens at the Liberian Embassy in London, United Kingdom, as Second Secretary/Vice Consul and rose to the rank of First Secretary. He was later transferred to Geneva, to the Permanent Mission, as Counselor.The Chairman of the National Transitional Government, Mr. Charles Gyude Bryant, appointed him Ambassador to Ghana in 2005. He remained in that post until July 2013 when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf appointed him in 2014 as Ambassador to the Court of Saint James in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Ambassador von Ballmoos died at the Epsom General Hospital in Surrey, London, on Thursday, December 19. He was 56. He was born on July 9, 1960 unto the union of Mr. Rudolf von Ballmoos and Mrs. Anges Nebo von Ballmoos in Philadelphia, United States of America.He leaves to mourn his wife, Mrs. Angie Kolue Nyenemah Lavala von Ballmoos; five brothers: DeWitt Ben Bella (Rhonda), James (Mariam), Rupert, Rory (Claire) and Ron von Ballmoos (Anne) and a host of other relatives. Mrs. von Ballmoos, who didn’t speak at the church, had told newsmen and women on Tuesday, January 5, during the Book of Condolence signing in the Foyer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that her late husband was a servant and a leader. She stated that her late husband served the nation to the end, adding: “I am a protégée of my husband’s service to nation.”In his acknowledgment, Mr. DeWitt Ben Bella von Ballmoos, brother of the deceased, thanked the government and others for the enormous outpouring of love, concern and gifts since the passing of the late Ambassador. Government officials attending the service were led by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who were the first to view the remains of the deceased when the casket bearing his mortal remains was opened in the church.As a mark of last respect for the fallen Liberian diplomat, the President ordered that the National Ensign be flown at half-mast from all public buildings in Montserrado County from 8a.m. to 6p.m. on that day; and that while his remains were being borne to the cemetery for interment, his personal salute of 17 cannons be fired at intervals.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Lacks Moral Authority” –

first_imgNo administration in the history of Liberia has received so much support from the international community and goodwill from its citizens than President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Unity Party-led government. Equally, no administration in the history of Liberia has caused so much short and long term damage to the future of Liberia and the mindset of the Liberian people than the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led government.The damage in the short term is that our nation has become a dishonest, greedy, unpatriotic and distrustful society where lies, crime and deceit are its visible characteristics. In the long term, Liberians will end up being slaves, paupers and strangers in their own country, and the time is fast coming. More than that, our neighbors would have been far developed while we would still look like a dark nation.From North America to Europe and some parts of Asia, Liberia’s image as an ungovernable, messy and useless nation has never being higher. Apart from rogue foreign investors and money launderers, no serious investors and credible investment institutions take Liberia seriously. In diplomatic circles, our country is considered a parasitic state, which is another form of being a nation of beggars, con-artists and hopelessness. This is so serious that no low level analyst at the United States State Department and no Congressional support staffer on Capitol Hill remember Liberia except when they are reminded about matters of misery and humanitarian assistance for poor, struggling and mismanaged nations. In view of this pathetic state of affairs, our president and corps knowingly pretend as if something normal is unfolding inside Liberia.Five years are basically enough to turn around a broken nation if a leadership establishes itself as one with a moral authority. Since 2006, President Sirleaf and the Unity Party-led government have had more than a decade in power, and yet, the stats are more dire and worrisome then they have ever been under past Liberian administrations, including even warlord Charles Taylor’s.Despite over $16 billion dollars in direct foreign investments in addition numerous international aid and a debt relief package, Liberia is ranked 126 amongst nations with dismal unemployment, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) World Fact-book. Total population dependency ratio in Liberia is 82.9%, among youth it is 77.4% high. 83.1% of the total Liberian population has unimproved access to sanitation; among rural inhabitants it is 94.1% and 72% among urban residents. In 2006, an estimated 63.8% of Liberians were living below the poverty line. This was a period when Liberian refugees were returning home from neighboring countries to begin rebuilding their lives. Today, after almost 12 years under the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led administration, an estimated 96.2% of Liberians live below the poverty line, and several hundreds are running away from the country to seek asylum and residency abroad due to hardship and poor healthcare conditions.Even an internationally isolated Liberian regime once headed by jailed warlord Charles Taylor had a better fiscal policy than the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led administration. According to the scoreboard of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. Government agency that has given over half a billion dollars to Liberia since 2006 Liberia ranks terribly when it comes to economic freedom. From fiscal policy (48%) to regulatory quality (44%), and land rights and access (22%), Liberia is in the red. When it comes to the agency’s ruling justly indicators, Liberia is also in the red. Liberia also does poorly in terms of government efficiency (23%) and the rule of law (48%). When it comes to the agency’s investing in people’s indicators, the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led government is also pathetic. Immunization rate is 12%, primary education expenditure rate is 15%, natural resource protection rate is 19%, child health rate is 47%, and girls’ primary education completion rate is 18%. Important to note that our president is a woman, and she was once a beautiful girl who became president as a result of education, an opportunity denied most beautiful Liberian girls today under her administration.Countries like Lesotho and Cambodia surpassed Liberia when it comes to better fiscal policy’s indicators, at 92% and 66%, respectively. Compared to our neighbor, the Ivory Coast, which experienced brutal civil wars too around similar times, our nation is a joke. Ivory Coast has a 62% rating on the MCC’s fiscal policy indicator, 56% in government efficiency, and 88% in controlling corruption. The Ivory Coast also does well in other areas, such as 71% in rule of law, 65% in primary education expenditures, 92% in business start-ups, and 100% in natural resource protection. For Liberia, our resources are mortgaged and the proceeds are choked by widespread systemic corruption and insatiable greed by a few inter-connected bedfellows. Our so-called National Oil Company of Liberia’s (NOCAL) funeral service and wake keeping were held before its death announcement, with millions flown out to individual’s personal accounts. Now our government is broke and the super stars, who came from poverty to overnight wealth, are heading for the doors. Others parade our wealth in our faces with glamour and pageantry as would-be 2017 political saviors while persistently abusing the power we gave them.Consistent U.S. State Department’s reports since 2006 paint Liberia as bleak, to say the least. From corruption to callous governance practices and abuse, our country is polling undesirably. Recent 2015 State Department’s report illustrates a realistic picture of what Liberia has turned out to be under the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led government. A month prior to the release of this latest report, I was at the State Department and on Capitol Hill pitching about the poor situation and outlining these concerns about Liberia, thinking that these realities were perhaps unknown to the Americans. My sense was that they already knew and, luckily too, no public relations firm in Washington, D.C. or New York City could have overturn or polish these realities no matter how much money is paid to them from our government as part of its routine and needless ‘image building’ tendency.The most alarming irony is that the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led administration has managed to game and outsmart the Liberian progressive old-timers with perks, comfort and affluence. Everyone benefits, even though some people chop more, and no one says anything.As one common-sense African leader once put it, “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed”. Apparently, the Sirleaf-Unity Party-led administration does not share this view this is why our leaders in the Liberian government see their role as an opportunity to satisfy their personal greed and establish their fortunes.”There is no doubt that our president is an educated and intelligent woman, a Harvard graduate, internationally and politically seasoned. Testament to her smartness is the fact that she has used and continues to cajole all the old fashioned PhDs and progressives’ old-timers in her orbit. It is therefore impossible not to believe that she does not grasp the dire situation that millions of ordinary Liberians faced daily, from physical insecurity to food insecurity. Combined, Liberia has a national security time-bomb, especially as Burkinabe and others are encroaching on our territory in the southeast. The real factor here is that the president and the entire Unity Party-led government are out of step with the real and serious needs of the vast majority of the Liberian people this is why in a time of great need and excruciating deprivation among 97% of our population, they continue to offer business as usual.The president and I have a love-hate relationship, and it is hard to criticize the person you cherish. I love and respect our president, perhaps more than many of the white-collar criminals in her administration, but I also vehemently despise her administration’s policy and vices they endanger our nation and people. I despise the administration’s vices and corruption enabled policies because at any time in history, but especially in this time, it is awfully immoral for a president and the folks in his or her government to offer themselves as leaders of the nation while blatantly disregarding the survival needs of the nation. This is acting immorally. Here is the most appalling aspect about everything that is wrong with our government and our leaders: The refused to change knowing that only two people cannot change—God and a fool, and they are not God. The good news is we will not only continue to pray for them, we will also speak out against their political and economic immorality while still remembering that God is still in control.Williams is a Catholic educated philosopher and a U.S. trained public policy professional. He can be reached at jnw5050@gmail.comShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Can UP Survive Its Embattled Chairman—and Ellen’s Aloofness?

first_imgA chaotic scene erupted two days ago at the Congo Town home of Unity Party (UP) Chairman Senator Varney Sherman, when security forces, led by the Liberia National Police (LNP), attempted to enforce a court order to search the home.Worse yet, early Wednesday morning the news spread throughout Monrovia and around the country that Senator Sherman had been arrested.On Monday morning a stream of angry and tough talking UP partisans in the early morning hours arrived at the Sherman residence where they encountered the police and officers of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LAAC), who had come to effect Cllr. Sherman’s arrest. But the police quickly dismissed an arrest attempt, insisting that they were there only to effect a search of the home for documents relevant to the current corruption saga sparked by the revelations of the United Kingdom-based transparency watchdog, Global Witness. These revelations accuse several high government officials of bribery.The allegations were targeted against no less a person than Alex Tyler, Speaker of the House of Representatives as well as Senator Varney Sherman, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and several other GOL officials.The Global Witness report on Liberia, which has rocked the nation, said that the UK-based Sable Mining Company spent US$950,000 in bribes, through the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, based on Cheeseman Avenue in Fiama, Sinkor, which paid this money to several GOL officials.In swift reaction to the Global Witness report, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed her Minister of State Without Portfolio, Cllr. Fonati Koffa, to head an investigative team to probe into the veracity of the allegations.With equal swiftness, Cllr. Koffa, in collaboration with the Justice Ministry and the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, arranged indictments for Speaker Tyler, Senator Sherman and several other officials and former officials of government. Early yesterday morning, the first indictment was served on Senator Sherman at his Congo Town residence. He signed the indictment and went along with the court officers to Criminal Court ‘C’. Speaker Tyler appeared in the court in the early afternoon where he, too, was served his indictment, along with others, including E.C.B. Jones, former Deputy Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, and one Onanuga.While these dramatic judicial developments were unfolding, all of them orchestrated by the Fonati Koffa Task Force, reliable sources said President Sirleaf had left the country yesterday for the United States on a five-day visit.One of the questions on most people’s minds is whither UP as the 2017 presidential and general elections approach. With the now open split between the UP standard bearer and its chairman, Senator Sherman, the party is clearly in disarray. This gives Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, so far the party’s most talked about candidate to succeed President Sirleaf, not a hill, but a mountain to climb in his bid to enter the Executive Mansion in 2018.Mr. Boakai already comes loaded with a substantially heavy, uncomplimentary baggage—the widespread corruption in government, and not too much to show in terms of national development. Education remains “in a mess” by Ellen’s own admission; the healthcare delivery system is down in terms of medical personnel, equipment, hospitals and health centers; our agricultural performance is dismal; many of the streets, roads and highways—in Monrovia and up country—are in very bad shape; energy is still seriously lacking; and the economy is firmly in the hands of foreigners. What will Candidate Boakai—or anyone else that emerges as a UP candidate—tell voters the party has done for them?And, with the country desperately in need of national unity, UP will find it very hard, or next to impossible, to assure the Liberian people that it (UP) is the party that can unite them.Who takes the blame for all this? First, the party leadership, now openly, viciously and bloodily at each other’s throats; and second, Ellen, the candidate that UP fought for and succeeded TWICE in convincing the Liberian people to elect as their President. And what has she given UP in return? A party plagued with nasty infighting and partisans deeply disappointed and aggrieved (offended, distressed).On her arrival in Washington, she will be able to boast that some big fish in the alleged corruption web are being prosecuted. But here at home, many are asking what of the National Oil Company (NOCAL) that, under Ellen’s son Robert Sirleaf’s watch, went from healthy liquidity to bankruptcy. Yes, Global witness alleges US$950,000 in the bribery scandal. But what of the US$31 million which Clemenceau Urey left as Chairman in NOCAL’s account, which Robert Sirleaf met when he became Chair and left bankrupt?We ask, Can UP survive its embattled Chairman, and Ellen’s aloofness (coldness, indifference) as the party sinks and wallows in disunity?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Dr. McClain’s Body Arrives in Liberia

first_imgThe body of the Dr. Edward B. McClain Jr., Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Chief of Staff to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, arrived in the country yesterday afternoon, July 31, at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County. Senior members of President Sirleaf’s cabinet turned out in their numbers to receive the body and accompany it to the Stryker Funeral Parlor, pending funeral arrangements. Dr. McClain died on Saturday, July 23 at the Wilgers Life Hospital in Lynwood, Pretoria, South Africa. He was in his 72nd year.In a brief homily to the many family and friends gathered at the Samuel Stryker Funeral Chapel, Rev. Charles O. Diggs, Director of Administration of the Providence Baptist Church, encouraged the bereaved family, President Sirleaf and others to take solace in the Lord as they go through their period of bereavement. He used a famous hymn entitled “It is well with my soul” to console the bereaved and described the fallen Minister as a dedicated public servant that performed his role well.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Cartoon: October 20, 2016

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Liberia The Comic Mic

first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) By Ivan Brooks, Sr.Flat divisive political jokesTold by heartless crooksFunny and very unrealisticJokes many considered sarcasticAll vague empty promisesMade to the gullible masses.Flat promissory jokesInstead of bank notesOur country is a comic,A disastrous scenicCasualty of indulgenceVoid of any substanceYet the crowd followsLaughing out their sorrowsAt their deceptive jokesDestined for the history books.Flat human rights jokesWhy isn’t it off the hookWhen power was usedAnd women were abused?You once laughed aloudWhen you shot in the crowdWhy no applauds now?Once upon a time we had to bowTo you like empty bags of woolyour jokes no more seem cool.Flat, funny electoral jokesDesigned to get needed votesBy few pseudo political crooksWith many degrees in big booksBroader part of a political cartelThat runs the nation like a brothelListen to the masses reactionsResults derived from your actionsLook how flat your jokes just fellHow many people, can you tell?Yet you proceed with your comic linesYour entourages and many concubinesSwimming in your Club Beer poolsExpecting the masses to laugh like foolsAll because they considered LiberiaAs a big open mic they use to lie.last_img read more


first_imgWhat Difference Is There Now in Political Ideology, Senator Findley?Last weekend saw the abrupt exit of former Grand Bassa Senator and Senate President Pro-Tempore, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, from the ruling Unity Party (UP). Since he quit the Senate in 2014 as a result of his defeat in a special senatorial election, Mr. Findley has been actively engaged in mobilizing Grand Bassonians for the election of Vice President Joseph Boakai on the Unity Party ticket in the pending presidential election. In one interview, Mr. Findley is recalled as having stated, “Bassa is not Brumskine’s stronghold. Let’s wait and see whether he will come third; I dare him.” Less than three months ago Mr. Findley lifted Vice President Joseph Boakai’s hand and introduced him to the Bassa people as the country’s choice for the presidency.This high degree of euphoria that gripped Findley and his supporters soon dwindled following the announcement of Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay as vice running mate to Joseph Boakai. In a statement over the weekend Findley said his resignation was based on “differences in political ideology with the Unity Party and nothing else.”Was Nuquay’s selection as running mate part of the “ideological differences”?Findley based his argument on Article 17 of the Constitution which states, “All persons, at all times, shall have the right to associate fully with others and refuse to associate with political parties, trade unions and other organizations.” Difference in political ideology and the constitutional right to associate and to disassociate is indisputable. However, politics being concerned with people makes it imperative to ask this question: What is Senator Findley’s difference now with UP’s political ideology?The UP under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has ruled Liberia for 12 consecutive years, and Gbehzohngar Findley has been in the vanguard of preaching and supporting all the good about the party under her leadership. In addition he was, until his surprise announcement last weekend, staunchly supporting its new standard bearer, Joseph Boakai, to continue the UP hegemony. Mr. Findley’s message, until last week, had led many to believe that UP and its standard bearer could still be relied upon to take the country to a higher level. In the wake of Gbehzohngar’s sudden change of heart, he needs to tell us what caused it. He must surely realize that this sudden change of his has dashed the hopes of the many whom Findley has over the past several years convinced to see the Unity Party as the best alternative to lead Liberia. In order to get the disappointed and gullible electorate on par to make the right decision for Liberia going forward, Mr. Findley needs to explain the difference in political ideology he now senses, that sparked his abrupt break with his beloved UP, from which he benefited in his election to the lofty position of Senate President Pro-Tempore.The public needs to know what led to cohesiveness in ideology at first and the difference arising now. What caused you, Mr. Findley, to believe strongly that UP was the best party to lead Liberia over the past 12 years and further to continue for at least another six under Boakai? All Liberians, especially those who supported you over the past few years, need to know the real reason for your change of heart. Please tell us what it is. Is it what some are speculating, that the VP did not select you as his running mate?Remember, Mr. Findley, how in 2013 when the Liberian Senate under your leadership as President Pro-Tempore, summoned then Central Bank Governor J. Mills Jones to ask him why he was giving out loans to market women and other underprivileged Liberians. It was at that time that the market women and men accused you of engineering the current Code of Conduct to witch-hunt Governor Jones. We further recall that during that period protesters converged at the Capitol and accused you of attempting to block their chance to get loans to continue their small, struggling businesses. They said then that instead of seeking the interest of ordinary, poor Liberians, you were using your high elective position to deny them the great opportunity Governor Jones was trying to afford them to lift them out of poverty. We do not want to conjecture that your sudden change of heart was sparked by the rethinking and reversal positions of many influential and powerful Liberian officials over the Code of Conduct.We leave it to you to tell us what caused this sudden change of heart.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more