Hissene Habre: Profile on Africa’s “Pinochet”

first_imgTalk Africa: Africa in 2014 Related What you should know about Hissene Habre, his background, how he came to power, and what he’s accused of doing to remain there. CCTV’s Kathryn Ogunde reports. Who is this man Hissène Habré? Africa Risinglast_img

Skip the bridesmaids if you want to have friends.

first_img 35 Views   no discussions Tweet Share Sharing is caring! If you really want to torture a friend and make her hate you, by all means, make her a bridesmaid. Oh it doesn’t outwardly seem like such an awful “honor,” but the fact is, most women hate being bridesmaids more than five extra pounds during bikini season.Don’t believe me? Consider the phrase, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” or the way Pippa Middleton was described as being so envious of her sister, the princess. Think of the movie Bridesmaids. The fact is, being a bridesmaid is expensive, time-consuming, and yes, sometimes even envy-inducing as well. Just ask the British bridesmaid from hell who stole all the bride’s bachelorette party money and vanished.Awesome. Of course I had my own bridesmaid from hell, too.I was married more than eight years ago, but this woman’s behavior still stings. She had been a close high school friend, but we had drifted apart. Still I remembered that she told me she would be mad if I didn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid. So I did, with the caveat that she was welcome to say no and I wouldn’t be hurt at all.Instead she said yes and proceeded to complain about everything, from the food we served to the cost of the dresses. She talked about me behind my back to the other bridesmaids openly (which they told me). She refused to participate in the bridal party gift to the bride, which would have cost her $20, but instead created a really awkward moment where I thanked everyone and she had to tell me it wasn’t from her.Worst of all, she sent me passive-aggressive cards talking about past relationships and basically saying, “Gee I hope this one works.” The lady was insane. And by the end of it all, I (and all the other bridesmaids) hated her. Even having her stand up for me was more than I could handle. She and I haven’t spoken in eight years, but even now, when I think of it, I am deeply annoyed.The fact is, a bad bridesmaid can ruin a friendship. If I had it to do over again, I would have had my sister and my two best friends and that’s it. Unless you’re swimming in very good, awesome friends and can afford to buy each maid her dress for her, then my advice would be to skip the bridal party and just enjoy a drama-free wedding.by The_Stircenter_img Share LifestyleRelationships Skip the bridesmaids if you want to have friends. by: – June 24, 2011 Sharelast_img read more

5 Ways to Get Your Date to Put Down the Phone

first_imgLifestyleRelationships 5 Ways to Get Your Date to Put Down the Phone by: – October 15, 2011 Have you ever felt like you had to send your date an email or text across the dinner table just to get his attention? In the age of technology, sometimes a smart phone can be more threatening to your relationship than another woman. With communication so readily at your fingertips, these days it’s hard for some people to interact on a deeper level. Between checking emails, staying updated on everybody’s status on Facebook and Twitter, and “checking in” with Foursquare, a real conversation can be hard to come by. Here are five ways to get him to put down the iPhone and pay attention to you:1. Practice what you preach: Put your own cellular device away. How can you get mad at your date if you indulge in the same bad behavior as he does? Quit constantly glancing at your phone. It makes you look anxious, like you have somewhere else to be or are waiting for a message from somebody. Also, don’t text. This may be the most annoying thing a person can do on a date. It tells your date that he does not have your full attention. Your top priority should be the person across the table from you. And above all, don’t take a call. We understand that emergencies happen; however, unless it is a loved one, let it go to voicemail.2. Make a subtle comment: If he’s texting away every two minutes, say something like, “Well, aren’t you Mr. Popular?” Hopefully, he’ll hear the hint of sarcasm and put his phone back in his pocket for the remainder of the evening.3. Just ask: Communication goes a long way in any relationship. Instead of making your date be a mind reader, just tell him that his constant cell phone use bothers you and that you would like your time with him to be intimate and personal. Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach.4. Set limitations: Obviously you cannot ban cell phones from your relationship completely. Every once in a while, there will be an important work-related email, emergency or a friend in need. Tell him that on date night you would like his cell phone to be on silent and out of sight for the few hours you are at dinner or watching a movie together. Realize that when the two of you are just lounging around, you can’t expect him to shut himself off from the world. After all, while you should be the most important thing to him, don’t give him the idea that you think the world revolves around you. With reasonable limitations, your man should be willing to compromise.5. Give him a taste of his own medicine: As a last resort, one day when you are doing something that he loves to do, pay a little more attention to your cellular device than to him. Text your girlfriends, check your Facebook, send an email and post a tweet. Keep this up until he says something to you about it. Maybe then he’ll understand what his “crackberry” addiction feels like to you.by Editors of men’s fitness magazine Share Tweet 39 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

8 ways to tell you’re being emotionally abused

first_img Share Sharing is caring! ALTHOUGH physical scars are a surefire way to identify abuse, this is not the case for emotional abuse, as words are oftentimes the weapon of choice used by perpetrators. This makes it that much harder to identify the abuse with just a cursory glance.“Emotional abuse involves anything that destroys the self-esteem of the persons involved,” said counselling and social psychologist and certified clinical hypnotherapist Dr Veronica Salter.“So it can be name calling, insulting, putting the person down, criticising them, humiliating them, telling them things like they are worthless, they can’t do anything, laughing at them, and mocking them. All this is emotional abuse.”Here are some of the signs you are in an emotional abusive relationship:1. Your partner degrades you. You are afraid to express yourself in the relationship because your partner bashes your ideas and makes you feel stupid. You are often told that you are useless and on more than one occasion, your boyfriend/girlfriend has expressed that they don’t know why they are even with you.2. You are blamed for everything that goes wrong. Everything that goes bad in the relationship is blamed on you. It’s your fault your partner lost their job and it’s your fault the family is struggling financially. Your partner also never ceases to let you know that you are the reason they cheat with other individuals because you can’t please them in bed.3. You are treated like an object. Your spouse treats you like their property. He/she tells you which friends to hang out with, what to wear and where you are allowed to go. They even keep you away from your family and never take into account your feelings. You basically feel trapped in the relationship because you are not free to be you.4. You are forced to put your partner’s needs before yours. You are commanded to stay up late in the nights and do your partner’s laundry while he dozes away or stays out late with friends. “It’s a situation where there is no compromise,” said Dr Salter. You sacrifice yourself in hopes that you will avoid his usual lecture where he goes on and on about how worthless you are. It has got to the point where you even start to believe that you are worthless.5. You are never celebrated. Your partner makes you seem unaccomplished by trivialising all your accomplishments. They tell you that you only got the promotion at work because you slept with the boss or that you were able to receive your degree because you flirted with your lecturers throughout your university tenure.6. You believe you are losing it. You are extremely unhappy in your relationship, because you feel unappreciated. You spend most of your days monitoring your partner’s movements because you feel they are cheating, and you find yourself becoming very withdrawn from life and you don’t see any redeemable qualities in yourself. You keep on telling yourself you are going crazy.7. You have no control. Your partner is the one who controls the finances and every other aspect of your relationship. You have to produce a list of things you plan to buy each week before they can give you any money, and any money you earn at work has to be turned over to them. They also control the car and have full access to your phone and email accounts.8. You are afraid to confide in your partner. You are terrified of sharing normal happenings with your husband because you are not sure how he will react. You are afraid to tell him that your boss has asked you to work overtime, or that your car needs a new part, or that your toddler fell while running outdoors.jamaicaobserver.com Share Tweetcenter_img Share 28 Views   no discussions HealthLifestyle 8 ways to tell you’re being emotionally abused by: – April 13, 2013last_img read more

US man ordered to stop spreading HIV

first_img Share Share 244 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img HealthInternationalLifestylePrint US man ordered to stop spreading HIV by: – September 12, 2014 Share Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of HIV particles (small, round) on the membrane of a host CD4+ lymphocyte white blood cell (red).Roughly 16% of the 1.1 million Americans living with the HIV virus do not know they are infectedA Seattle judge has ordered an HIV-positive man to stop spreading the disease and to seek treatment after he infected eight people in four years.The man, known only as “AO” in court documents, is required to show up for counselling and to protect future sexual partners.Officials maintain they are not trying to criminalise sexual activity but to protect public health.The man could face fines or jail time if he does not comply.About 50,000 people in the US are newly infected with HIV every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 16% of the 1.1 million people living with the virus do not know they are infected.AO tested positive for HIV in 2008 and spread the virus to at least eight people in 2010-14, according to court documents viewed by local news media.He had done so despite receiving HIV counselling – including how to practise safe sex – five times, the Seattle Times reports.In a statement, the King County Public Health department said it had only sought a cease-and-desist order against an HIV-positive individual once before, in 1993.“We’re not trying to criminalise sexual behaviour here,” Dr Matthew Golden, director of public health at the county’s HIV programme, told the Seattle Times.“We are trying to protect the public’s health. And we’re trying to make sure that everyone gets the care they need, including the person involved in this.”BBC Newslast_img read more

LIAT launches new routes with Caribbean Helicopters Charter Agreement

first_imgAntiguaNevisLI 810516:3517:00Daily FromToFlight NumberDepartArriveFrequency Share Tweet Nevis and Dominica Canefield become LIAT’s 19th and 20th destinations respectively.All services will be able to accommodate seven passengers and one piece of checked baggage. The permitted weight is no more than 50 lbs (23 kgs), which is the inclusive amount for both checked baggage and hand baggage.Commenting on the new agreement, David Evans, LIAT’s CEO said “We are pleased to be working with Caribbean Helicopters, as this new arrangement allows us to extend our network, open up new markets, and offer more choice to our customers. It is also an example of how locally based airlines can come together to improve connectivity throughout the region.”Neil Dickinson, Managing Director of Caribbean Helicopters commented: “This is a great opportunity for us and allows us to support LIAT in the expansion of services. Our aircraft are ideally suited to serving the smaller markets in the region.”LIAT will shortly announce the commencement of further services between Antigua and Guadeloupe. Sharing is caring! 363 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, January 06, 2016 – LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, has entered into a bespoke charter agreement with Caribbean Helicopters, based in Antigua & Barbuda, whereby the company will provide LIAT with charter flights into specific markets in the region.Caribbean Helicopters operates a fleet of Piper Navajo Chieftain PA31-350 and Britten Norman BN2 aircraft, which are ideal for services into some of the smaller Caribbean islands, where demand is limited and a smaller aircraft is required. Customers can continue to book these flights through LIAT, and they will operate with LIAT flight numbers.Beginning January 22, Caribbean Helicopters will operate new services into Dominica Canefield and also to Nevis, on a daily basis. Services to Canefield depart Antigua at 1130 and return at 1240 daily. Flights from Antigua to Nevis depart at 1635 and return from Nevis at 1720. BusinessLifestyleLocalNewsTravel LIAT launches new routes with Caribbean Helicopters Charter Agreement by: – January 6, 2016 Dominica CanefieldAntiguaLI 810412:4013:30Daily Share AntiguaDominica CanefieldLI 810311:3012:20Daily NevisAntiguaLI 810617:2017:45Dailylast_img read more

New CEO of Dominica’s National Export Strategy appointed

first_img Share 40 Views   one comment Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet LocalNews New CEO of Dominica’s National Export Strategy appointed by: – June 16, 2011 The Roosevelt Skerrit government has appointed a Chief Executive Officer for Dominica’s National Export Strategy.The appointment of Joseph Isaac took effect on June 01, 2011.He said he is fit for the job.“I bring to the table, business development across the region. In my personal capacity, I have also invested into Dominica. I bring a perspective of understanding the challenges that we face. This is a job which is not simple but I know I can do it,” he said.Isaac said it will also be a collaborative effort among several players in the market.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Chronic non-communicable diseases leading cause of premature deaths in Dominica

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Dr. Martin Christmas. Photo credit: GIS NewsChronic Non-Communicable Diseases have continued to be the leading cause of premature death in Dominica-an issue that the Ministry of Health has vowed to address.Stakeholders in the health sector met to discuss plans for the observance of the 4th Caribbean Wellness Day carded for the Second Saturday in September.     According to Acting Director of Primary Health Care Services is Dr. Martin Christmas, “These chronic and non communicable diseases continue to be our main threat in terms of premature deaths among our persons both male and female. Heart disease continues to be at the top of the list provoked by a number of risked factors which we have identified as unhealthy diets and practices,” he said.Dominica Vibes News 36 Views   no discussions HealthLifestyleLocalNews Chronic non-communicable diseases leading cause of premature deaths in Dominica by: – July 22, 2011center_img Tweet Share Sharelast_img read more

A structured and carefully crafted approach essential to tackling CNCD’s

first_imgLocalNews A structured and carefully crafted approach essential to tackling CNCD’s by: – September 9, 2011 Sharing is caring! Tweet Share Chairman of Healthy Caribbean Coalition, Professor Trevor Hassel.Chairman of Healthy Caribbean Coalition Professor Trevor Hassel has warned that Caribbean Islands need to adopt a structured and carefully crafted approach to tackle the epidemic of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCD’s).Professor Hassel who addressed the opening ceremony of the National Commission on CNCD’s at Fort Young Hotel yesterday further warned that the epidemic has the potential to reverse all gains achieved by Caribbean Islands post Independence.“Unless we, we in the Caribbean, adopt a structured and carefully crafted approach to tackling the NCD’s there is the potential for there to be a reversal of all gains achieved by our Caribbean countries over the post Independence period,” he said.Professor Hassel also quoted Director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan who described the epidemic as ‘a slow moving catastrophe’ and that the whole of society and Government approach is required.“The Director of Chronic Diseases epidemic is described by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director of WHO as and I quote, ‘a slow moving catastrophe as most of these diseases develop slowly but unhealthy lifestyles that fuel the epidemic are spreading with a stunning speed and swift.’ As you have heard the whole of society and whole of Government approach is required. As I said in another place, every ministry in the Caribbean should be a health ministry,” Professor Hassel said.Dr. Ruby Blanc addressing the opening ceremony of the National Summit yesterday.Hospital Medical Director Dr. Ruby Blanc also urged that the battle against CNCD’s can best be won by forming partnerships among stakeholders.“The only way in which significant inroads can be made in this battle with the CNCD’s is through collaborative efforts. The full participation of policy makers, government and non-government sectors, donor agencies and indeed all citizens in the formation of policies and the execution of action plan is necessary. In short the battle can best be won by forming partnerships among stakeholders.”Dr. Blanc also advised that the old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds true with CNCD’s and that in cases where the disease occurs, every effort to keep complications at a minimum must be made.According to Dr. Blanc in order to achieve the goals of battling CNCD’s we must address our minds to policy and lifestyle changes.“To achieve those goals, we are faced with the uphill task of achieving policy changes and lifestyle changes that would address physiological, non-physiological as well as social factors that increase the risk of CNCD’s, and certainly the challenge that these policies poses is great.”Dr. Tomo Kanda; PAHO Advisor on Chronic Diseases.Advisor on Chronic Diseases at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Dr. Tomo Kanda also advised that there is great need for active partnerships if we are to effectively address the problem of CNCD’s.“I would like to emphasize the important need for active partnerships and multi-sectoral approach in order to realistically and effectively address the problem of the NCD’s. I must say this is the key for successful implementation of the NCD strategy and action plan at community level.”Dr. Tomo further admonished that although individuals are responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the government must ensure that they create the enabling environment for citizens to do so.“The traditional approach of imploring individuals to modify their lifestyle is not sufficient to reach the ultimate health goal. Yes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an individual responsibility however, if the society doesn’t provide the environment which facilitates access to healthy food at affordable prices, safe places and spaces for physical activities for everyone appropriate access to health services of adequate quality this is no longer only the individual responsibility but rather the governments’ as well as public and private sectors.”Dr. Tomo also noted that for a resolution of this epidemic to be realzied it ‘must be embraced as a shared social responsibility.’The National Summit is being held with a view to finalizing a National Policy on Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img 89 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more

Bardouille optimistic Carnival Cruise Lines will return to Dominica

first_imgCarnival Cruise Lines. Photo credit: marineinsight.comChief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA) Bennoit Bardouille says he is optimistic that Carnival Cruise Lines will return to Dominica.Carnival Cruise Lines ended a 21-year relationship with the island in November 2010 but returned on Tuesday-the only visit for the season.“I am very optimistic. We have to keep focused. We have to keep at the agents and the tour operators. Everything that we do, we have to make sure that the product is second to none. I am sure that the premier sites that we talk about with reference to Trafalgar Falls, which will be one of the draw cards for the ship, once we keep discussing it, that should be a major pull to ensuring that the cruise line keeps coming back,” he said.In the past years, carnival cruise lines made weekly calls to Dominica during the regular season and summer.However the cruise line pulled out last November resulting in a major loss to several vendors and taxi operators. The government assisted the vendors with a stipend of $500.00 during the off-season.Several vendors and taxi operators were happy that the cruise ship returned to the island although it was for one day.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews Bardouille optimistic Carnival Cruise Lines will return to Dominica by: – December 22, 2011 Tweetcenter_img 35 Views   one comment Share Sharelast_img read more