CRAE to contemplate Tutor for Race

first_imgMembers of OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE) are discussing plans to create a position of Tutor for Race in the University.Wadham College already has its own Tutor for Race working as a member of the welfare team, but this project aims to guide all colleges towards more effective handling of BME students’ difficulties.One of the problems frequently cited by students and staff of ethnic minorities in Oxford is the lack of a stable, trustworthy point of call, disabling them from communicating or reporting abuse. CRAE hopes that this will be changed by the creation of a university Tutor for Race. Yussef Robinson, who is BME Rep at St Hilda’s, told Cherwell, “Without these institutional roles exceptional and unrecognised levels of personal effort are required to combat racism. This places a huge burden on students and staff of colour. A Tutor for Race helps to alleviate this, that is why it’s so essential.”Robinson added, “Racism is endemic within the University. Oxford has committed itself to diversity and yet has failed to enshrine anti-racist advocation at an institutional level.”Dr Justine McConnell, currently occupying the position in Wadham, equally supports the idea of increasing the interaction between college and university student unions to respond to the problem of racism more directly. She mentioned Wadham’s Race Symposium held on 13th February this year as a successful example of collaboration between the two. She told Cherwell, “Colleges and the University working together seems to me likely to be the most effective approach. It seems to me that more interaction between groups concerned with racial equality is always a good thing.” She added,“That was one driving force behind the Wadham Race Symposium a couple of weeks ago. The event was organised primarily by three Wadham undergraduates.” As well as collaborating with the University Assessor Patricia Daley and the Chair of the Staff BME network, Nita Fisher, McConnell “also worked with those at other institutions, including SOAS, as collaboration and learning from each other is always a productive approach.”CRAE told Cherwell, “As a wider student body, we are becoming more aware of racism being a serious problem at Oxford and that, as a result, many BME students report feeling uncomfortable and excluded, on account of their race or ethnicity. “It is equally clear that many BME students simply do not feel that there are sufficient effective channels through which they can report their experiences with racism (micro- and macro-aggressions alike) or raise concerns about race. “According to the CRAE 100 Voices report, 87.2 per cent of BME students would not feel comfortable discussing an issue of race with their college administration, and 60.9 per cent would be uncomfortable talking to their welfare team. “This is where the Tutor for Race comes in. At the moment, many BME students feel they have no point of contact with tutors, to address their concerns. “We envisage the Tutor for Race to act firstly as a contact and source of support for BME students – someone who can relate to these students. Secondly, they will act as a bridge between the student body and the college administration. This could include beginning conversations, with tutors and students at a college level, on decolonisation of the curriculum. “Equally important is the need for representation. The Tutor for Race does not need to be a person of colour (Wadham’s Tutor for Race, Justine McConnell, is white): after all, the fight for racial equality is one which we should all be part of. It does, however, need to be a person who will understand and represent BME students’ interests at Governing Body and push for race equality across the college, similar to the Tutor for Women role. “For racism to be countered, we need to be talking about race and other issues – a Tutor for Race, in collaboration with the student body, is a fantastic way for this to be achieved. Wadham is the only college with a Tutor for Race at the moment, but every college needs a Tutor for Race. Get in touch with us and help make that happen.”last_img read more

Greggs set to streamline for growth

first_imgGreggs chief executive Ken McMeikan has said his top priority is to “simplify the business” in order to better prepare it for expansion. The announcement follows his initial review of the business since he took over in August. The bakery retailer also released its latest trading update, which shows total sales for the 25 weeks to 6 December 2008 are up 6.6%, with like-for-like sales up 3.8%.The company will also continue rebranding its Bakers Oven shops as Greggs, in order to move to a single fascia throughout the UK.McMeikan said he is confident in the business’ potential for future growth across the UK, particularly in the south of England and the north west. “As a cash generative business with no debt we are in a strong position not only to weather the current downturn but also to exploit the opportunities for future growth,” he said. Greggs will also continue its move into locations away from the high street in order to “serve its customers at work and as they travel”.However, he announced that the company will be beginning consultations with employees at its 10 outlets in Belgium, with the intention of withdrawing from the country altogether, as the shops are currently making a loss. “Over the coming year, our priority will be to simplify the business and strengthen its capabilities to ensure that we are ready for accelerated growth and expansion,” said McMeikan. The review also highlighted opportunities for extending the chain’s product range, following the results of customer research.last_img read more

News story: Interim National Schools Commissioner appointed

first_imgThe Department for Education has confirmed that Regional Schools Commissioner Dominic Herrington is to be appointed as the interim National Schools Commissioner from September.The temporary appointment will provide continuity for academies across the country when Sir David Carter retires from the civil service after four years at the department.Dominic Herrington has been Regional Schools Commissioner for the South-East of England and South London since being promoted from his role as Director of the Academies Group at the department in 2014 and will continue to oversee this area of work.He will lead the team of Regional Schools Commissioners and oversee their collaboration with the academy sector to nurture innovation and help improve education for every child.Dominic Herrington said: I’m looking forward to working with the Regional Schools Commissioners in seven other areas of England to build on Sir David Carter’s achievements by continuing to challenge and support school leaders.last_img read more

Denny Hamlin, Jordan Fish welcome first child

first_imgBaby makes three with addition of Taylor James Hamlin The birth was a feat of numerology and a nod to the car number of Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Matt Kenseth. Taylor James was born on Jan. 20 at 8:20 p.m. ET (20:20 in military time), and measured 20 inches in length. The baby girl tipped the scales at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Denny Hamlin and girlfriend Jordan Fish welcomed the couple’s first child Sunday evening with the birth of Taylor James Hamlin, according to the driver’s Twitter account.last_img

Watch James Casey And Natalie Cressman Duet On A Motown Classic With TAB In Michigan

first_imgLast night, Trey Anastasio Band continued their current Paper Wheels tour with a stop at Royal Oak, MI’s Royal Oak Music Theatre. One of the show’s most memorable highlights was a cover of Motown classic “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” the worldwide smash that became a hit single for both Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell (1967) and soul superstar Diana Ross (1970), and has been covered and featured virtually everywhere ever since.Getting To Know James Casey: The Saxophonist For Trey Anastasio Band And Meghan TrainorThe Royal Oak rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was a special surprise for fans of Trey Anastasio Band, as it saw James Casey and Natalie Cressman step out from behind their horns treat the crowd to some hair-raising lead vocals, trading lines on the classic tune. Thanks to JEMP Radio, you can watch fan-shot footage of the performance below:Full audio of the show is available via LivePhish. Trey Anastasio Band’s tour rolls on tonight with a performance at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. For tickets, or for more information on upcoming TAB dates, head to Trey’s website.SETLIST: Trey Anastasio Band | Royal Oak Music Theatre | Royal Oak, MI | 5/6/17 (setlist via LivePhish)Set One: Sand, Acting The Devil, Cayman Review, Ocelot, Magilla, Curlew’s Call, Work Song. Dark and Down, Money, Love and Change, Everything’s Right, Last TubeSet Two: Night Speaks to a Woman, Shine, 49 Bye Byes, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Gotta Jiboo, Alaska, Simple Twist Up Dave, Bounce, Clint Eastwood, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, First TubeEncore: Sweet and Dandy, Valentine, Architect, The Parting Glass[Cover photo via Capacity Images, from Cressman’s album release show in NYC on 4/24/17]last_img read more

Linkedin Reveals its 2019 Top Companies, and We’re One of Them!

first_imgFor the second year in a row, we’re honored to be named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Companies, in both the U.S. and Japan. I could share a long list of what makes Dell Technologies a great place to work, but really, every highlight would come back to our people. Together, we’ve built an award-winning company through our collective successes, our shared vision and our Culture Code. We pride ourselves on being a place where team members can be their best and do their best work, and we constantly strive to improve the experiences of our team members.And, it’s safe to say that our hard work continues to pay off. The fourth annual Top Companies list celebrates people making an impact in the professional world and ranks the 50 most sought-after companies to work for in each country. As informed by more than 610 million professionals on LinkedIn, Dell Technologies excels in areas such as:Interest in the companyEngagement with employeesJob interest and retention.None of this would be possible without our people.Beyond the industry-leading, award-winning innovation of our products and services, our culture is what truly brings us together and attracts top talent. The accolades we continue to receive are a testimony to the passion and dedication shown throughout our workforce, and we’re always looking to grow our family. I encourage you to learn more about our career opportunities.last_img read more

Students speak on Honor Code

first_imgIn many cases, the Honor Code is at most a peripheral part of many students’ academic experiences at Notre Dame.Michael Yu | The Observer On their syllabi, many professors include the standard Honor Code pledge that reads “As a member of the Notre Dame community, I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.”Before registering for their freshman year classes, students must pass an online quiz about what does or does not constitute a violation of the Honor Code.And to upload an assignment to the Sakai online learning platform, many professors require that students check a box stating, “I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment” before the site will accept the submission.Since Aug. 15, Notre Dame’s Honor Code – and the investigation process for suspected violations – have become the subject of national attention. The University announced five Irish football players would be held out of practice and competition as investigations into possible Honor Code violations played out, and no resolution to their cases has come to light yet.The time frame for developments remains unclear since players could appeal any decisions, but for now, many students expressed concern about the toll the investigations have taken on the campus community.“[The academic investigation] wouldn’t have happened this seriously if it were other students who were non-athletes,” freshman Adrianna Duggan said. “If they didn’t treat the athletes the same way as they would treat any other kid who went through the process, obviously that’s not fair.”Given the high stakes and heavy publicity involved, some students said the process actually should be different for the players.“It’s been kind of a kangaroo court,” senior Eddie Flood said. “Just the idea that [the players] would go into all these meetings without an attorney, but Notre Dame can call their own shots.“The speed of the process too has been pretty alarming because these kids lose sleep every night not knowing what’s going to happen to them.”Freshman Stephanie Reuter said she has only a general understanding of what an Honor Code violation would entail or how the investigation process would unfold.“My brother went to [the University of Virginia], and a huge thing was the Honor Code. … He talked about it all of the time. It’s not quite talked about as much here,” she said. “Everyone knows about it, but I think it’s more you know about it in principle and not as much in practice and how it operates.“Once the situation became public, I think it changed the [process].”Junior Jon Wiese said he has an idea on how the investigation process works, but “not 100 percent.”“There was definitely an issue in the very beginning when they obviously had trouble keeping things private because everyone knew before the University ever said anything,” he said. “I think that was the biggest problem.”Several students said the ambiguity made them apprehensive of what it would be like to be involved in an investigation themselves as either witnesses, accusers or accused.“You know what you are not supposed to do, but you don’t know what happens,” Duggan said. “I just don’t know how this whole situation was handled.”“It’s nice that [the administration] is respecting their privacy and treating them like every other student,” junior Connor Judson said. “But … it should be innocent until proven guilty, and they have been treated like they are guilty, hence why they have missed five weeks.”Freshman Meghan Freeman went through the online Honor Code training just a few months ago and said, “Nobody really talks about it, you just sign it.”“There was an Honor Code thing you read, but you don’t really actually talk about the Honor Code,” she said. “We had so many talks when we came in for our orientation, but they never really talked about the Honor Code. I think they just assumed that everything we signed our names to over the summer, automatically you read it and understood it.”While the students involved were more high-profile than an average case, Freeman said it’s important to remember “they’re still students.”“I feel like that’s not everyone’s business,” she said. “They’re still students of the University, and they still have some right to privacy.“Just because they are on the sports team doesn’t mean that if they are in trouble that they should be broadcasted.”Tags: football, Honor Code, student-athleteslast_img read more

Flying cordless drills return

first_imgAs enthusiastic, bored children, we would try to hit them with baseball bats. A tennis racket would have been a better choice, but there were no tennis courts on our farm. Nonetheless, carpenter bees were a lot of fun for growing boys.Adults, though, usually aren’t into fun things like that. People who live in cedar-sided or log homes see no humor at all in these obnoxious bees. They just want to get rid of them.About this time every year people see large, black bees hovering around their heads and homes. They’re probably carpenter bees. We get very little pollination benefit from them, but we do get some headache.Look similar to a bumblebeeCarpenter bees resemble bumblebees but have a couple of noticeable differences. The upper surface of the carpenter bee’s abdomen is bare, shiny and black. Bumblebees have a hairy abdomen with at least some yellow markings.The other difference is where they nest. Bumblebees usually nest in the ground. Carpenter bees build their nests in tunnels they create in wood. They chew a perfectly round hole about the size of a dime into soft, untreated, unpainted weathered wood.Male carpenter bees seem to be mean. But it’s all an act. They’ll hover in front of people who are near, even dive-bombing occasionally. But the males are harmless. They don’t even have stingers.Females hurt, damage mostFemale carpenter bees do have stingers, though, and their sting can be quite painful. I had to be stung several times before I learned to leave them alone. The females seldom sting unless they are handled or disturbed.Even if they don’t sting, female carpenter bees aren’t harmless. It’s the fertilized females that excavate the tunnels and lay eggs in a series of small cells.They provision each cell with a ball of pollen, on which the larvae feed until emerging as adults in late summer. The adults will overwinter in abandoned nest tunnels to return again the next year.Prefer bare softwoodsCarpenter bees prefer bare softwoods, especially redwood, cedar, cypress and pine. They don’t typically bother painted or pressure-treated wood.Common attack zones are eaves, window trim, fascia boards and decks. Sawdust beneath the hole is an easily recognizable sign of attack.Control can be a combination of things. A fresh coat of oil-based paint is very effective. They don’t like paint. Wood stains and preservatives are less reliable, but better than bare wood.Where the bees have already attacked, spraying insecticide on the wood surface won’t work. You have to inject it into each burrow to be effective. An aerosol spray for wasp and bee control will work if you direct it into the hole. Applications of cypermethrin or permethrin may provide short-term control when applied to wood surfaces, but will have to be reapplied after 1 to 2 weeks to maintain control.Plug the holeAfter a couple of days, plug the hole with a piece of wood dowel coated with carpenter’s glue, wood putty or your choice of filler. This last step protects against future use of the old tunnel and reduces the chance of wood decay.It’s best to spray at night to kill the adults and the brood. If you spray during the day, the adults may be gone. And they may just start a new colony.Remember, the females can pop you pretty good, so treating towards sunset or at night helps. Or you could make it a two-person job and arm the other with the tennis racket.last_img read more

Drug Traffickers Move To Central America In Response To Pressure In Colombia And Mexico

first_imgBy Dialogo May 18, 2010 Drug traffickers are seeking to set up laboratories in Central America and the Caribbean in response to pressure from the anti-drug authorities in Colombia and Mexico, according to an intelligence report published by the Bogotá press. The Colombian mafias are seeking to take coca paste out of the country “and process it in Central America in order to convert it into cocaine, ‘crack,’ or ‘angel dust,’ the best-selling drugs on the streets of New York, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Barcelona,” according to the digital edition of the daily El Tiempo. The report includes a declaration by the head of the Nicaraguan army, Gen. Julio Avilés, who said that he does not rule out that “with the pressure that is being put on the drug trade with Plan Colombia and Plan Mérida, in Mexico, (the criminals) may seek to set up laboratories in the Central American region.” On September 11 of last year, Nicaraguan authorities found a drug-processing laboratory in the municipality of Achuapa, believed to be “the first complex found in that country that has served as a distribution point for cocaine leaving Colombia and headed for the United States and Europe,” according to the publication. At least three Colombian criminal organizations have arranged to send “their people to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras, for the purpose of setting up and managing production complexes” for drugs, according to a Colombian police investigation to which El Tiempo said it had obtained access. Colombian drug traffickers for decades concentrated drug production in jungle regions in the south and west of the Andean country, but “the offensive by government forces in recent years has not left them room to complete the process in Colombia,” an anti-narcotics official told El Tiempo.last_img read more

Are you sure that person is a member of The Florida Bar?

first_img June 15, 2006 Regular News Are you sure that person is a member of The Florida Bar? Lori S. Holcomb UPL Counsel I was recently transferred a telephone call from the Bar’s CLE department. Someone who had hired a new associate to work at their law firm was calling The Florida Bar to inquire about the attorney’s CLE hours. The new firm wanted to make sure that the new associate was up to date. You can imagine the surprise when the caller was told that the individual was not a member of The Florida Bar and was not licensed to practice law in Florida. But the attorney had an impressive resume and a Florida Bar number. Was I sure that this person was not licensed? Yes, I was sure. Luckily, the person had not started work yet and was immediately fired.You might ask how this person could have been hired in the first place without being licensed. Anyone can type a resume and put some numbers after their name. The only way to be sure that someone you are about to hire or work with is a member of The Florida Bar is to check the Bar’s membership records either by calling The Florida Bar’s Membership Records Department — (850) 561-5832 — or by looking at the Bar’s Web site ( To check on the Web site, click on the Find a Lawyer link at the top. If you put in a name and it does not come up on the Web site, that person is not eligible to practice law. This could mean that they are not now and have never been an attorney or that they are an attorney but now can’t practice. A call to membership records will reveal more information. Are you sure that person is a member of The Florida Bar?last_img read more