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Cassius Sr. was a sign painter "with minor artistic talents and a major taste for gin" according to Sports Illustrated His mother Odesssa worked as a household domestic Clays ancestors were slaves on the plantation of his namesake a Kentucky politician who was Lincolns minister to Russia He had an Irish great-grandfather named Abe Grady But no trace of white blood could shield young Cassius from the slights of segregated Louisville For example Clay said that when he was 8 or 9 an old white man harassed him while he played with friends near the railroad tracks dragging him by his collar and shouting "shut your mouth little n—-r" as Clay resisted (another man the story goes interceded and saved Clay from further harm) "Why cant I be rich" Clay once asked his father Cassius Sr touched his sons hand "Look here" he said "Thats why you cant be rich" Clay came out swinging and scored his first knockout against his own mother "When he was a few months old he looked like a military boxer" Odessa said during a 1978 episode of the television program This Is Your Life featuring Ali "And when he was 18 months old he was very strong and had big muscled arms" His mother said that one day Clay waved his arms around as babies do and punched her tooth out Clay would jabber "gee gee gee gee" by the side of his crib so his family started calling him GG Later after he became Golden Gloves champion Clay said he was trying to say "Golden Gloves" Odessa told Ali biographer Thomas Hauser: "By the time he was four he had all the confidence in the world" In October of 1954 when Clay was 12 he and a friend rode their bicycles to a Louisville bazaar and spent the day eating free popcorn and candy When it was time to head home Clay discovered that his red-and-white Schwinn had been stolen A white police officer named Joe Martin was downstairs in a boxing gym and a crying Clay reported the theft to him Clay swore that we would beat up whoever took it Martin who also happened to train fighters and produced a local television show Tomorrows Champions showcasing Louisvilles best boxing talent responded: "Well you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people youre going to whup" The worlds greatest boxer was born Clay started training the next day at Martins gym Just six-weeks later the 89-pound nothing-weight won a three-round decision in his ring debut "He didnt know a left hook from a kick in the ass" Martin told Sports Illustrated "But he developed quite rapidly" Clay was a maniacal worker and would sometimes race the school bus for 20 blocks and always claim to beat it of course Clay won 100 out of 108 amateur bouts and two consecutive Amateur Athletic Union Championships in 1959 and 1960 both as a light heavyweight "His secret was his unusual eye speed" Martin said "It was blinding The only other athlete I ever saw who had that kind of eye speed was Ted Williams When he started fighting Cassius was so fast with his eyes that you could give a guy a screen door and he wouldnt hit Cassius 15 times with it in 15 rounds" In the classroom Clay was a lightweight He was ranked 376th out of 391 students at Louisvilles Central High School But the schools principal a tall scholarly man named Atwood Wilson who had a masters degree from the University of Chicago excused Clays academic failings "One day our greatest claim to fame is going to be that we knew Cassius Clay or taught him" Wilson told his faculty Wilson would introduce Clay as the "next heavyweight champion of the world" at assemblies and warn misbehaving students: "You act up Im going to turn Cassius Clay on you" During his high school years Clay showed little interest in the civil rights movement though he did start to craft his showman act Clay would shadowbox while dancing down the hallway stopping his fists within an inch of an unsuspecting classmates nose "Im the greatest" Clay would yell during his school bus races "He always made a joke out of everything" a former classmate Dorothy McIntyre Kennedy told Sports Illustrated Kennedy said Clay would endlessly declare his love for her "I never took him seriously" she said "It was like he never wanted to grow up He wanted to be this person the class clown" After qualifying for the 1960 Rome Olympics Clay almost skipped the trip Airplanes terrified him "He wanted to take a boat or something" Martin said in Hausers definitive 1991 oral history Muhmamad Ali: His Life And Times After a three-hour chat in Louisvilles Central Park Martin convinced Clay that if he wanted the heavyweight title he had to go to Rome and win gold Fighting in the 178-lb light-heavyweight division Clay cruised through his first three fights before meeting Zbigniew Pietrzykowski of Poland in the finals Pietrzykowski had Clay beat through the first two rounds but in the last round Clay unfurled a steady stream of combinations at that his worn-out opponent couldnt handle The charismatic Clay strutted around Olympic village where he was known as the mayor "His peers loved him" Wilma Rudolph who won three-sprinting golds in Rome told Sports Illustrated "Everybody wanted to see him Everybody wanted to be near him Everybody wanted to talk to him And he talked all the time I always hung in the background not knowing what he was going to say" Clay loved showing off his hardware "He slept with it" Rudolph said referring to the gold medal "He went to the cafeteria with it He never took it off No one cherished it the way he did" At the medals ceremony a reporter from the Soviet Union asked Clay how it felt to represent a country in which racial segregation was tolerated "Tell youre readers weve got qualified people working on that problem and Im not worried about the outcome" Clay responded "To me the USA is still the best country in the world counting yours It may be hard to eat sometimes but anyhow I ain’t fighting alligators and living in a mud hut" After Clay became more attuned to the tumult of the 1960s he regretted that remark as a sign of his naiveté When Clay arrived back in Louisville he was greeted as a heroalthough his gold medal could not get him a glass of juice at a Jim Crow luncheonette The mayor a group of cheerleaders and 300 fans greeted him at the tarmac There Clay recited an early poem: "To make America the greatest is my goal/So I beat the Russian I beat the Pole/And for the USA won the Medal of Gold/Italians said Youre greater than the Cassius his old" Not his best effort but as the world would soon find out Clay was just getting started Road to the Championship With the backing of the Louisville Sponsoring Group a collection of 11 white businessmen 10 of whom were millionaires who each invested $2800 to launch Clays career Clay turned pro (One member of the group former investment counselor Bill Faversham had to put in just $1400 a discount that rewarded his organizational efforts) Clay got a $10000 bonus a $4000 salary allexpenses paid and a 50-50 split of all purses Three days after signing themanagement deal Clay made his pro debut at Louisvilles Freedom Hall on October 29 1960 before 6000 fans He beat Tunney Hunsaker a part-time fighter who was also chief of police of Fayetteville West Virginia "Hes a bum" said Clay who often cruised around Louisville in his pink Cadillac "Ill lick him easy" Clay beat the lumpy Hunsaker in a six-round decision "He was fast as lighting and he could hit from every position without getting hit" Hunsaker said in Ali: His Life and Times "I tried just about every trick I knew to throw him off balance but he was just too good" A local West Virginia attorney asked Hunsaker what he thought about the young fighter Hunsaker replied: "Hell be heavyweight champ of the world someday" Clay trained with former heavyweight champ Archie Moore who was still fighting at 44 They did not mesh Rather than listen to Moores lessons in power punching Clay challenged Moore to spar with him "I wanted him to respect me as a man and as an instructor and fall in line with the learning process" Moore told Hauser "And that seemed to amuse and sometimes anger him" (Two years later Clay defeated Moore in a fourth-round TKO "Archies been living off the fat of the land Im here to give him his pension plan" Clay mused before the Moore fight "When you come to the fight dont block the aisle dont block the door You will all go home after round four") After the Moore experiment turned sour Clay still needed a trainer The Louisville gurus who nurtured Clays amateur career were deemed too inexperienced to help Clay flourish as a pro On the advice of a boxing bigwig from New York the Louisville syndicate hired veteran Angelo Dundee In December of 1960 Clay stated working with Dundee in Miamis 5th Street Gym which served as a kind of carnival headquarters for the Clay-Ali operation home to characters like Drew "Bundini" Brown the yessiest of Clays yes-men Dundee would remain in Clays corner for the next 21 years "I smoothed Cassius out and put some snap in his punches" Dundee told TIME in 1963 Clay won 18 straight fights over the next three years; only three of them went the distance "Muhammad Ali showed something no one had ever seen in a heavyweight before" boxing historian Bert Sugar later told USA Today "Movement" At a time when boxings mob influence turned off many fight fans the charismatic Clay who overwhelmed the airwaves of each city he fought with his proclamations of all-time greatness was a blessing for the game And Clay was aware of his appeal "Boxings dying because everyone is so quiet" Clay told Sports Illustrated in his Louisville hotel room in October 1961 before he knocked out Alex Miteff "Im an unpredictable young man with a raggedy pink Cadillac Roger Maris the world of space this is an age of records and record-breaking If you dont break some records youre a no one I want to break some boxing records I want to be the youngest heavyweight champion in history I have to be first in the soup line" Wrote TIME in 1963: "People who hadnt been to a fight in ten years began turning out to see him box Half of them adored him; half wanted to be on hand when the loudmouth got his comeuppance Everyone wanted to know what happened next" Clays career was headed straight towards a title bout with the reigning heavyweight champ Sonny Liston And Clay waged an unprecedented smack-talking campaign to secure his shot "Sonny Liston is nothing" Clay said on a 1963 album he released for Columbia records modestly entitled I Am The Greatest The LP was simply a collection of Clays outlandish testimonials plus his strained crooning the BB King classic "Stand By Me" The title of one track: "I Am The Double Greatest" Almost needless to say it was the first of its kind "The man cant talk" Clay said on the album "The man cant fight The man needs talking lessons The man needs boxing lessons And since hes gonna fight me hell need falling lessons .

the deep South, (Laughter. This was a manmade disaster. which funds high-risk research projects. She couch surfed.

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