Burns, Pavelski put together career nights in Sharks win

first_imgDENVER — Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski proved why they’re all stars. Erik Karlsson got in on the fun, as well.On a day where Burns and Pavelski received invitations to the 2019 NHL All Star Game at SAP Center, both players put together career nights, recording four points as the Sharks handed the Colorado Avalanche their sixth straight loss with a 5-4 win in Denver.Karlsson, who will also be representing the Sharks at the mid-winter classic on Jan. 26, picked up an assist, giving him points in …last_img

SA congratulates new Zambian president

first_img26 September 2011 South Africa has congratulated Michael Sata following his inauguration as Zambian president on Friday following a 10-man presidential race in the southern Africa country. “The South African government extends its sincere congratulations to President-elect, Mr Sata on his election,” the Presidency said in a statement. “In this regard, the South African government wishes to reaffirm its desire to further enhance its strong historical relations with Zambia.” According to the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Sata amassed a total of 1 150 045 votes, representing 43% compared with the incumbent, Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, who polled 961 796 votes, representing 36.1%. The MMD has been the ruling party Zambia for the last 20 years; this was Sata’s fourth presidential election. South Africa further reiterated its commitment to continue working with the Zambian government and people for the mutual benefit of both nations. “The South African government also wishes to extend its appreciation and respect to all the candidates who participated in the elections, as well as to the sterling work carried out by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and all the institutions which have contributed to success of the democratic elections in Zambia.” South Africa had also taken note of the fact that, according to election observers, the poll met the criteria for being free, transparent and credible, and said this boded well for the consolidation of a democratic culture on the continent. Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu represented South Africa at the inauguration. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Opera CEO Claims Unite is Secure, But That’s Not Its Real Problem

first_imgIn a recent interview with Network World, Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, defends the company’s upcoming web browser (Opera 10)’s  “Unite” feature – the new technology that turns your browser into a web server. He said that Unite’s decentralized nature makes it more difficult for hackers to break into computer systems – not easier. That claim is probably meant to fight back against some people’s initial concerns that hosting files on their own PC will leave them open to attack. However, simply addressing security issues is somewhat missing the point about the real trouble with Unite: it’s not solving a problem we actually have. Opera Unite: Just as Secure as Anything Else, We PromiseAccording to the interview, Tetzchner addresses the concerns of those in the security community who fear this technology that aims to put a web server on every PC. He says, “when you’re hacking a single system, if you have everything that belongs to everyone in one location, you only need to break in once. If you have it in different computers it’s a little more complicated. If you get into one Web server and everyone’s data is in there, that’s easier than getting into a million computers.” While Opera and the tech community continue to debatethe technology’s security or lack thereof, the rest of the tech early adopters have simply moved on. Outside of the Opera fanatics (we know who you are!), most of us either skimmed the news briefly or, at the most, may have downloaded the alpha and played with it for a bit. But did the lot of us switch browsers and start sharing files? No.Why is that? Shouldn’t this be just the sort of thing that has techies all a’twitter? What’s going on?Where’s the Geek Love? When Opera revealed the mysterious (and perhaps overly-hyped) Unite, they probably didn’t get the response they expected. After numerous emails and teases about a new technology that was going to “reinvent the web,” for the most part, the community response was “huh?” Oh sure, Opera fanboys and girls got it right away as did web developers and other geekier-than-thou folks, but even within the tech community itself, therewasconfusion…and a bit of “bah humbug” too.We remember reading through various blog comments where users dismissed Unite as nothing more special than a browser with P2P plugins – a statement that’s only true to a point. While the technology enables P2P between browsers, it does so via a proxy server in the middle at operaunite.com. That middle service could easily be a single point of failure for the Unite infrastructure. Opera Unite’s proxy goes down, you go down. Sure, that might not be any different than the cloud services we rely on now: Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc. However, even if one of those was to crash-and-burn, it wouldn’t take our whole web of services down with it. But Unite wants to replace just about every cloud app you use today with its own apps for file sharing, social note-posting, chat, photo sharing, and media playing…and that’s not to mention how Unite wants to let you host your own web server, too. In other words, Opera wants to (partially) move the cloud back off the the web to your PC. They even go so far as to claim that their single point of failure is an improvement on what we do today: “We place our trust in these third parties, and we hope for the best, but as long as our own computers are not first class citizens on the Web, we are merely tenants, and hosting companies are the landlords of the Internet,” writes product analyst Lawrence Eng.Thanks, but we’ll take our numerous cloud apps over the Unite+PC combo any day.What Problem Does Unite Solve?When we started moving from desktop to web, initially testing the waters with email services, later moving to photo and video sharing services, and finally to social networking sites like Facebook that let us communicate and share media, the solutions being implemented were solving real challenges. Setting up desktop email was hard for non-techies (what’s my email server’s address? what’s SMTP?). There were mailbox storage limits and attachment size limits. Letting grandma and grandpa see our digital photos wasn’t easy. Getting in touch and staying in touch with our wide network of friends was downright impossible. But then these web applications came along and made it possible for everyone to use technology. They were simple, straightforward, and fun. And soon a Web revolution was underway. A real one, that is.What problem does Opera Unite solve that could kick off the next revolution of the web? Are we having trouble with cloud services? Are we concerned that they’re so insecure that moving everything via P2P through Opera is somehow better? Is Unite easier than Facebook? Than flickr? Heck, than email? No. It’s not easier for us techies by any means (especially since its tied to one browser) and it’s not even close to being easy for the “regular folks” of the online world…you know, the ones who don’t even know what a browser isSo security concerns aside, what is Unite doing for us that we can’t get elsewhere? Anyone? If you think we’re missing the point, chime in below. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market sarah perez Related Posts center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Browsers#Trends#web#Web 2.0 A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

App Stores Are Big Business: $7 Billion in 2010

first_imgAccording to the analysts at research firm Gartner, mobile application stores are expected to generate revenues of nearly $7 billion over the course of this year. That figure is a combination of the $6.2 billion spent purchasing the mobile applications themselves combined with an additional $.6 billion generated through advertising revenues from in-app ads. Not surprisingly, Apple dominates this market, accounting for 99.4% of the market as of last year, states the report. Over the course of 2009, mobile application download revenue exceeded $4.2 billion, with eight out of every 10 apps downloaded offered free to end users, says Gartner. Going forward, the analysts predict mobile application stores’ revenue will grow to $29.5 billion by the end of 2013. That revenue, again, will be a combination of paid applications and free applications running ads. 3 Billion in Apple App Sales? Not ExactlyWhile we’re sure the general trend is correct as far as the growth of mobile application stores and Apple’s position as the market leader, we have to agree with the note that John Gruber recently made on his blog regarding these figures. He quotes a portion of the report where analyst Chris Foresman says: Earlier this month, Apple announced that sales had topped 3 billion; that means iPhone users downloaded 2.5 billion apps in 2009 alone. Gartner’s figures show another 16 million apps that could come from other platform’s recently opened app stores, giving Apple at least 99.4 percent of all mobile apps sold for the year.Gruber notes that Apple didn’t actually announce 3 billion in sales, they announced 3 billion downloads. In fact, you can see the original press release making this announcement here. Not only that, but another Gartner analyst Miguel Fontanez told us earlier this month that Apple, as a rule, does not disclose App Store revenues as a separate line item in their revenue reporting. That means that any estimation of Apple’s App Store sales are just that – an estimation. Last week, in speaking with Peter Farago of Flurry analytics to calculate App Store piracy numbers, we determined that Apple had generated approximately $750 million in sales to date. That’s 3 billion downloads over the lifetime of the App Store with roughly 25% of them being paid downloads. In other words, if Gartner used the 3 billion to determine Apple’s position as the market share leader in sales, then their calculations would be off. However, as Gruber also notes, if Gartner’s calculations are accurate regarding the other mobile platforms (16 million in app sales, they claim), then it’s clear that Apple still has the app store to beat… even if they don’t account for 99.4% of the market. We don’t expect Apple’s dominant position to change anytime soon – the company has momentum. In November 2009, Apple announced they offer over 100,000 applications and by now that number has likely grown even more. However, other mobile application stores are growing quickly, too. Google’s Android marketplace, for example, with its open nature unhampered by any sort of bogged-down app review process, has now topped 20,000 applications as of December. The Android mobile operating system is growing in popularity, too (usage increased 3% over the past three months), meaning it will soon be a contender for a hefty slice of that the app store pie in years to come. sarah perez The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Tags:#Apple#mobile#NYT#Trends#web Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts last_img read more

West Bengal moves SC against Aadhaar


Helicopter crash-lands in Kedarnath, nobody hurt

first_imgSix pilgrims on board a private helicopter had a narrow escape on Monday when it crash-landed at a helipad close to the Himalayan shrine soon after takeoff. The light helicopter had taken off for Fata from Kedarnath when it developed a technical snag, an official said. The pilot then decided to land on the same helipad.“While making an emergency landing, the helicopter landed rather heavily with one of its tail rotor blades digging into the helipad,” Rudraprayag District Disaster Management Officer Harish Chandra Sharma said. All seven people on board – the six pilgrims and the pilot – escaped unhurt, he said. They have been examined by doctors. Monday’s crash-landing comes a month after a fatal helicopter crash and another emergency landing in Uttarkashi district. A helicopter engaged in relief and rescue operations in the rain-ravaged Uttarkashi district crashed on August 21, killing two crew members and a local resident. Two days later, the two-member crew of another helicopter had a close call in the same district. It made an emergency landing on the banks of a Nagawada river near Tikochi when it was on the way to Chiwa to distribute relief material. The helicopter, run by Aryan Aviation, was damaged and the pilot and the co-pilot suffered minor injuries.last_img read more

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Govt employees corruption unabated despite salary hike