Madewini man stabbed to death in bed

first_img– 12 inch knife, pink mobile phone found at murder sceneDead: Puranand BaljitAlthough the Police announced a 16 per cent reduction in serious crimes, another murder has been recorded, this time a young man was stabbed to death in his bed at Madewini, East Bank Demerara.Dead is Puranand Andrew Baljit, 25, also called Andrew of Lot 57 Madewini, EBD. He was reportedly stabbed seven times to the body while lying on his bed at about 22:00h on Thursday. The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, EBD.According to reports, the perpetrator might have got access to the young man’s bedroom through a glass window that was left open.At the time of the stabbing, the young man’s father and stepmother were at home and heard a moaning sound coming from his room. Upon investigating they realised that the man was stabbed.When Guyana Times visited the scene on Friday morning, relatives of the dead man were washing away the blood stains. His stepmother, Simone Baljit explained that she and her husband along with their baby retired to bed at about 21:00h but soon after, they heard a scream emanating from the young man’s bedroom.“In meh sleep I hear one holler, only one holler with all he strength, I know something wrong… he father jump and I jump up… he rushed to the window then to the door… he collect a cutlass and tell me not to open the door yet until he go check see if anybody deh in de house,” the stepmother said.She noted that they finally opened their bedroom door and went to the young man’s bedroom. His bedroom door was locked and although they attempted to “kick it open”, they were unsuccessful.“He went back into our bedroom and jumped through we bedroom window and went towards his son room… Andrew bedroom window de open and when he look inside was blood all over”, the woman noted.She went on to say her husband gained entry to the bedroom by jumping through the window and eventually opened the door. She noted that the young man’s body was covered in blood.In panic, she screamed for neighbours but no one came to their assistance. They eventually called a taxi and took the injured man to the Diagnostic Centre. There, she recalled seeing several stab wounds in the vicinity of his chest and abdomen.She was ordered out of the room by doctors because she kept fainting away.The distressed father, too distraught told Guyana Times that when he eventually got access to his son’s room, the young man took two deep breaths and at that point he realised his son was dead but did not tell his wife. He telephoned for a taxi and rushed his lifeless son to the hospital.While the son was described as a quiet individual, his stepmother explained that he spent a night out of the house during the week and upon returning, stayed at home for three days which is highly abnormal.“He didn’t go out with he friends and so for three days… and I thought something happen but he never tell anybody what does bother he… I would argue with him but he doesn’t argue back”, the woman cried.Meanwhile, at the scene on Friday morning, detectives stumbled on a muddied track leading to the house from a bushy area. They have also retrieved a 12-inch knife on the ledge of the window and a pink mobile phone at the murder scene. Neighbours pointed out that they did not hear any unusual sound nor screams for help from the young man’s stepmother.One neighbour explained that during the time the murder reportedly occurred, loud music was banging through the speakers of a neighbour’s music system. This, she noted might have been the reason for them not hearing anything.Friend and family of the young man are still in a state of shock upon learning of the unfortunate incident. (Bhisham Mohamed)last_img read more