Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro steals highest resolution laptop title from MacBook Pro

first_imgSorry, Apple, you’re going to have to change the landing page for the MacBook Pro. Truth is, it’s no longer the highest-resolution laptop in the world. That distinction now belongs to the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.The 2012 MacBook Pro refresh got Retina junkies drooling with its 13.3-inch display that packed more than 4 million pixels (at a resolution of 2560 x 1600). That works out to a pixel density of 227ppi, a very good number for something that’s substantially larger than a smartphone — and at least 30% bigger than most tablets.Lenovo’s latest flexible hybrid, however, stomps the MacBook Pro. The Yoga 2 Pro, too, has a 13-inch display, but it crams in a whopping 5.76 million pixels. That’s a jump of more than 40%, and a pixel density of 282ppi.If Apple isn’t going to change its claim that the MacBook Pro is the world’s highest resolution laptop, there should at least be an asterisk added… or maybe they could insert “OS X” before laptop to restore the balance of truth.It’s also a very bright display. The Yoga 2 Pro’s screen is rated at 350 nits, about 17% more than competing Ultrabooks. That figure falls slightly short of the MacBook Pro, so maybe Apple will choose to go with “world’s brightest” instead.The Yoga was already one of the best-reviewed Windows Ultrabooks around, and its new screen is already giving tech pundits cause to rave about the new version. There’s more to like than just the insanely crisp display, too.The Yoga 2 Pro is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, which was already pretty slender. It’s also got a Haswell chip and a battery that will provide 6 hours of use — not bad considering how much juice that display must draw.Powered bylast_img read more