“James’s case is weird”

first_imgThe Colombian team, Carlos Queiroz, who today went to Porto to see Colombians Uribe and Luis Díaz, settled the controversy that arose about James Rodriguez and the selection and said in statements to EFE outside the Dragao Stadium that both he and the coaching staff want to help him. In the last days, several Colombian media published that the Real Madrid player would have told Queiroz that, if he did not start, he would not go to the national team. As Carlos Queiroz said today, he agreed to speak for the EFE Agency before the Europa League match between Porto and Bayern Leverkusen, “James’s case worries us“, like others who are not having as much continuity, as Arias (Atlético de Madrid) or Muriel (Atalanta). Is it true what some media have published about James Rodrigues not going to the Colombian national team if he does not guarantee ownership?What I can say is that we, in the Federation, take care of all the players with great attention, with much love. The case of James worries us, we know that he is in a difficult situation at the moment, it is a situation that technically and professionally is not the best. But like other players who are playing less. James’s case is very rare, a very rare season for him, but the entire coaching staff and I personally are determined to help all players and in particular to help James, who is in a slightly more complicated situation. James’s quality, such as Arias or Muriel, is not discussed, so the situation is not easy. That is why I am trying my best to make the players arrive as well as possible. The obligation I have is for everyone to arrive well.It seems that Radamel Falcao, after the injury of the Achilles tendon, are recovering and scored against Fenerbahçe.Falcao, like James, is a reference for Colombian football and thank God he recovered well. I was, with discretion, in the Fenerbahçe match.If Falcao and James have minutes in their clubs, will they be fixed in the Copa América?I don’t like to make promises and commitments. With tranquility and serenity and precision, decisions have to be made with responsibility, because that is what the fans expect from me, to win the matches.You are in Porto today to see Uribe and Luis Diaz, are they two candidates for the next call?Insurance. We currently have a list of 35 players, almost three per position. In a week we will communicate to the clubs the players we want to block for the dates of March (26 and 31 against Venezuela and Chile).The Copa América, with a final in Barranquilla, the great goal of the Colombian national team? A lot of pressure?We love the pressure, it is what makes us want, the illusion to do better and get stronger and more successful. In truth, without pressure there is no success.He is worried about the coronavirus, we suppose. Have you talked to Colombian players of Italian teams like Muriel, Zapata or Cuadrado?It is a serious problem, we are very attentive. A problem that affects us all. We are in conversation with people in charge of other areas, but we are positive, when the players leave Italy for Colombia.After arriving from Mozambique to Portugal, one of the first ones that coincided with the Portuguese Federation was with Jesualdo Ferreira, today in the Saints of Brazil and you in Colombia. Did you imagine it?My dream of many years was to train in South America and today is a reality, which I could not imagine years ago. It is the serious work of Portuguese football. How is the Colombian national team?We are prepared and calm, despite some situations, we would like some players to play more and less injuries. Because we are one month away from the matches (against Venezuela and Chile for the Qualifying Phase for the World Cup in Qatar 2022), but we are working the entire technical staff in Europe, Mexico, in Brazil, Argentina. Very close to all players, developing a discreet, serious and committed work for the best for Colombia. And with a physical trainer in Madrid to support James and Arias.On March 26 against Venezuela – the selection of his friend José Peseiro – and on March 31 against Chile. Qualifying matches for Qatar.The match against Venezuela will be a duel of two friends after the game, with much respect. Venezuela has a very good team with very difficult players. For Colombia, all matches against South American teams are difficult. But we are very excited and know that all the players will come out with great desire. We are sure that the 23 players that will arrive in March will be fit and eager, as always.center_img According to the coffee coach, James and Falcao (who just left an injury) are a reference for Colombian football, although it is clear that he doesn’t commit to anyone, since making decisions with “a lot of responsibility”. Even, he advanced, the Federation of Colombia has put a physical trainer in Madrid to help and complement both James and Santiago Arias in their daily work.last_img read more