Sebastien Desabre’s departure as told by a female fan

first_imgDesabre left his role as Cranes head coach this past Sunday. (PHOTO/file)KAMPALA – Just like that! The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has failed to convince the National Team Head coach of the Uganda Cranes Mr. Desabre Sebastien Serge Louis to stay.What a pity!Wait, wait, wait… why must people that are not only hardworking but fair on the eye always be the ones that have to leave unceremoniously?Okay, I am not so knowledgeable in football, but the best thing that has happened to Ugandan football in the recent past is Coach Desabre.Like a bad marriage, the coach must have waited for a positive change and given up. Stuck with players that have refused to train in a foreign country due to an issue that must not have reached that extent, the wise thing to do was to start thinking outside the box [read Uganda].Why can’t we Ugandans ever learn?Did I read it somewhere? Yes, I think I did; that the reasons for termination of the employment contract are for the benefit and growth of both parties.That phrase is quite infuriating. “For the benefit of both parties,” it reads. Both parties? Like hell no! Not in my opinion. What in this world does Uganda Cranes, FUFA or us the silent football supporters and even those rowdy fanatics benefit from losing a top-notch coach? [At least he was in my head].Maybe the said reasons are good for Desabre, because he has learnt a thing or two about working for some countries, but the other party? It is a huge lie.It is sad that our team, which by the way played so well, got kicked out of AFCON and we really wanted to mourn peacefully. Then what happens? We are slapped with the news of the coach agreeing with FUFA to end his contract. Somebody decided we had not been hurt enough and chose to remove the coach.And remember, we Ugandan women welcomed Desabre with open limbs. We were willing to go to hell and back, just to keep him attached to Uganda. Now see?FUFA had better find a very good replacement for Desabre; otherwise, some of us will never support Ugandan football again. The things people like me understand about football are mainly emotional.And FUFA has the guts to say they recognise the contribution Mr. Desabre made in improvement of the sporting and professional organisation of the Uganda Cranes inclusive of qualification to the AFCON 2019 Finals and also to the Round of 16.If they know he made a great contribution, what point does it make to dump him? Really? Football is for men – seriously. It is only men that know why one would dump a person that they know is useful to them.And what was his response, well – he was grateful to the people and the Government of Uganda, FUFA, Sponsors, Staff and the players that have provided him a good environment to fulfil his obligations in his first-time role as a National Team Coach. – What would he have said? Tell me! Some situations call for playing the fool. I am sure he wanted to say something else or more about his decision to quit, but he decided to be the wise one.Comments Tags: Irene KiizaSebastien DesabreUganda Craneslast_img read more