Florida Frogs Find Shelter From Storm in Wind Chimes

first_imgSo I went to put away my wind chimes for #HurricaneDorian, and… pic.twitter.com/I80tQW1UNZ— Florida Wolfman (Mac) (@PooltoyWolf) September 3, 2019“All the froggies are safe and accounted for,” Mac wrote on Tuesday. “They found spots to hide deep inside the leafy palm fronds behind our backyard pond.”During a time of such havoc, it’s absolutely heartwarming to see a bunch of big-eyed amphibians staring out at your from a wind chime.And I’m not the only one who thinks so: Mac’s original post “blew up so big,” earning nearly 120,000 likes and more than 31,000 retweets (as of press time). I’m fully aware these frogs are an invasive species (a few have mentioned this) but based primarily on my inability to KILL LIVING THINGS and secondarily on them having long ago extirpated any native species in my area, I will NOT be killing any frogs. Thank you!— Florida Wolfman (Mac) (@PooltoyWolf) September 4, 2019The herpetological relatives at Gatorland theme park and wildlife preserve in Orlando have also been prepping for the monster storm.Staff recently shared a video highlighting how all birds and mammals are moved into “protective buildings,” and how the main-attraction alligators and crocodiles are riding out the weather.“Folks, they’ve been around for 75 million years,” Gatorland CEO Mark McHugh said of the reptiles. “It ain’t their first rodeo with a nasty storm.”More on Geek.com:Watch: Incredible Views of Hurricane Dorian From Space StationStudy: Hurricanes Force Spiders to Be More AggressiveThis Floating City Can Withstand Category 5 Hurricanes Many are asking how the frogs actually got inside the chime tubes. Tree frog species have very sticky toes! They can climb up and over almost any surface…these guys simply climbed up the walls to get to the chimes! — Florida Wolfman (Mac) (@PooltoyWolf) September 3, 2019Follow-up images of the frogs were retweeted more than 1,000 times.Taking advantage of his sudden fame and following, Mac has asked people to “please donate to the Bahamas.”“This is the worst they’ve ever been hit,” he said, urging folks to text “DORIAN” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. After devastating the northern Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian bore down on central Florida this week, forcing folks to seek asylum wherever they can.Humans aren’t the only ones searching for shelter, though.Florida Wolfman (aka Mac) was storing his outdoor wind chimes ahead of the storm when he found five frog stowaways.In a video posted to Twitter, you can see the wee critters holed up in each tube, seemingly unbothered by the peeling bells.center_img Stay on target Romeo the Loneliest Frog Goes on ‘First Date’ With His JulietAmphibians Are Dying En Masse, Humans Are to Blame last_img read more