Smartphone medical Tricorder Scanadu Scout reaches funding goal

first_imgSmartphones are teetering on the edge of becoming truly ubiquitous. While we carry them everywhere and their uses are myriad, we don’t use them for everything. A recently funded Indiegogo campaign for a mobile medical Tricorder, however, is aiming to add another important use to our smartphones.The Tricorder, known as the Scanadu Scout, looked to raise $100,000 in funding, but managed a little over $1.6 million when the funding round closed. That figure set an Indiegogo record at the time, but Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge recently quickly surpassed it — even though the funding goal of that project is a seemingly ridiculous $32 million. The Scout is a little puck-shaped objected that fits in your palm and can measure an array of things going on in your body, such as your heart and respiratory rates, your blood pressure, and even your level of emotional stress. Place the Scout on your forehead for a 10-second scan, and the results will be sent to your phone thanks to a companion iOS or Android app.The Scout’s battery is said to last for around a week when the scanner is used a few times a day on average, and connects via microUSB to fully charge, which takes less than an hour.This Indiegogo version of the Scout will essentially be used as a beta test, and users will help improve the device, and the hope is that the successful testing will lead to an FDA approval. Sending the statistics off will require an opt-in, so luckily you won’t be spied on too much. Aside from not being FDA-approved as a medical device, this version of the Scout won’t diagnose you, but will at least provide various scans of the current state of your body, which would alert you to something being wrong, or simply alert you that tonight isn’t the best night for the gym.The target release date for Indiegogo backers is March 2014, while the commercial product is estimated to release sometime in early 2015. So, we have some time before an Indiegogo project makes doctors really annoyed with us because we won’t stop frantically waving a little white puck in their face while telling them that they’re wrong.last_img read more